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The Story of Basketball in Lebanon, Indiana
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Harley Sheets graduated from Lebanon High School in 1954.  He played two years on the Tiger varsity basketball team.  His passion for Indiana high school basketball and history led him to publish four books on the subject, including the original "Tiger Basketball" (pictured at right).  He also co-founded the Indiana High School Basketball Historical Society.  He currently lives in Danville, Indiana.



Kermit Paddack is a 2002 graduate of Sheridan High School where he played football.  He also has a bachelor's degree in history from Purdue University and a master's of library science from Indiana University.  Along with the new edition of "Tiger Basketball," he has also published "Sheridan High School Football, History and Tradition," a history of one of Indiana's most successful high school football programs (pictured at left).

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Tiger Basketball, A Lebanon Passion
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